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Recycling Urban Land in Central Europe
The revitalisation of centrally located abandoned urban land presents a preferable alternative to peripheral greenfield development which accelerates urban sprawl. In Central and Eastern European countries, awareness about the problem is still relatively low. Social, legal and political changes as well as environmental contamination present challenges to revitalising abandoned land. ITDP Europeís work in this field is focused in the Czech Republic:
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Networking in the New Europe
As part of the European Local Agenda 21 movement for sustainability, ITDP Europe, in conjunction with relevant NGO networks and forums, will work towards the reform of transportation, climate and settlement policies in the newly enlarged EU in coming years.
Cooperation with other NGOs Committees Lobbying EU-Institutions Policy-Analysis
Designing Public Space
Public space is an essential component of thriving communities. Streets, parks and plazas provide a space for recreation and allow people from all incomes and all backgrounds to meet and exchange ideas. Increasingly, cities prioritize space for automobile traffic. ITDP Europe recognizes the crucial importance of pedestrian-friendly public spaces and helps cities design and prioritize them.
Travel Europe Experiences
Europe is a very diverse continent for American travelers, a place of rich culture, history, and landscapes providing various travel Europe chances. Though best of all this is home to various adventure travel Europe experiences. From biking and trekking to water rafting and canoeing travel Europe options, it can offer something for everybody to suit his or her personal needs and wants.
Below you can find some of the best travel Europe experiences:
1. Trekking accessible in the Tatra Mountains, Republic of Registered on a list of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO, Tatra National Parks situated in the southern Poland, and circumscribes Polish and Slovakian sides of the range. Being well developed for winters sports enthusiasts and hikers wishing to have great travel Europe experiences, it is the biggest alpine-type massif located in Central Europe together with Mt Rysyas the Polish high point. In summer, sports travel Europe options include mountaineering, biking and hiking, when winter sports travel Europe options offer the action as the snows arrive.
2. Rafting options the River Spey in Scotland - Various luxury travel Europe activities and leisure options are in a great diversity on the River Spey as well as in the neighboring area. In case you are an adventurous travel Europe seeker then you would be crazy to lose the opportunity to white water raft or canoe down the Spey's rapids of the fastest flowing Scottish river for the maximum adrenaline rush. Or for travelers looking for far more leisurely pursuits here are fishing plus fly fishing and travel the canals of Europe because the River Spey is famous for its perfect salmon and trout, or hike along the Speyside Way way that follows it through lush wonderful forest and mountains.
3. Iceland can offer its visitors horse ride options on native ponies, - Here you can explore the great wilderness of the amazing country aboard native Icelandic ponies.
4. Delight winter cheap travel Europe activities, Norway - You need to try your hand at great snow mobile rides and dog sledding in this winter wonderland. Besides broad spaces of wilderness, certain 22 National Parks as well as some UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the country is rich in its culture, amazing cuisine and endless travel Europe activities from skiing and hiking, to snorkeling orca plus swimming with salmon.
5. You can examine the breathtaking travel Europe Pyrenees opportunities, France - Outstanding for trekking and walking the Pyrenees are crossed with various trails for walkers as well as mountain biking. A couple of the most travel Europe challenging are actually the Haute Randonee Pyrenee, plus the GR10 located from Hendaye to Banyuls. The biggest ski region in the Pyrenees extends from La Mongieto Bareges; it provides those travelers who adore winter-sports lots of travel europe opportunities for skiing plus snow boarding. Both La Pierre Saint Martin and Cauterets can offer Nordic ski runs for fans of snow shoeing as well as cross-country skiing. Alternatively it is possible for you to go to Issarbe and enjoy there dog sledding travel Europe options.
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